Ramblings and Rereading

So my plan was to read Tuesday’s Child this week but I have had a very hard time reading it. I’m not sure why it’s been difficult. All I know is that the writing style is easily read & I love the fact that this author has put in so many details.
So to deal with my frustration I returned to a few of my recent favorites to reread and to enjoy all over again. On my Kindle I’m rereading Divergent by Veronica Roth and in hard copy I’m rereading The Hunger Games trilogy.I never thought I’d be really into the dystopian genre but I have found myself really enjoying them.I have always been a rereader so the fact that I am rereading these books comes at no surprise to me or to anyone who really knows me.
Maybe tonight I’ll go looking on my Kindle for more books. Books that grab me from the beginning. Books that leave me desperate for more at every page.

An Introduction and a Review

I never really thought anyone would want to read my thoughts on books so I never even considered making a blog just for reading. It wasn’t until I looked at the blog that a friend of mine made,that I realized I wanted to do this too. So thanks for the idea Molli.
When people ask me what kind of books do I like to read,I’m often stumped as to how to answer the question.Because I am not just drawn to one genre. I have a pretty wide range of books that I enjoy reading.From dystopian to memoirs to erotica and everything in between.Usually if the book is good i’ll get hooked almost immediately.Sometimes a book will start off great but then get progressively worse.
That was definitely the case with Love and Truth by Kathryn Vance-Perez. It started off well so I was hopeful. Nicole Harrison has just graduated high school and she’s off to live in Japan for a year while she attends a dance school. She will be living with a host family who have a daughter with her own secrets. Nicole is very inexperienced relationship-wise but that all changes when she meets Jonathan.
Jonathan was born in the US but when his father was killed in Afghanistan,his mother takes him back to Japan where her family is from.When Nicole meets him,suddenly she’s got feelings that she’s never had before.Before you know it,this book has turned Nicole into a young woman who can only think or talk about Jonathan.Earlier in the book Nicole mentions that she hated girls in high school who did the same thing so the author has turned Nicole into a hypocrite.
I really wanted to enjoy it because it’s one of my dreams to travel to Japan but by the end of the book I just wanted it to end. Nicole turned into one of those young ladies who I despise because everything became about Jonathan and she seemed to totally forget about her dreams,her family and her friends.
This week I will be reading Tuesday’s Child by Dale Mayer.Gosh I just hope it’s better than Love and Truth.