Ramblings and Rereading

So my plan was to read Tuesday’s Child this week but I have had a very hard time reading it. I’m not sure why it’s been difficult. All I know is that the writing style is easily read & I love the fact that this author has put in so many details.
So to deal with my frustration I returned to a few of my recent favorites to reread and to enjoy all over again. On my Kindle I’m rereading Divergent by Veronica Roth and in hard copy I’m rereading The Hunger Games trilogy.I never thought I’d be really into the dystopian genre but I have found myself really enjoying them.I have always been a rereader so the fact that I am rereading these books comes at no surprise to me or to anyone who really knows me.
Maybe tonight I’ll go looking on my Kindle for more books. Books that grab me from the beginning. Books that leave me desperate for more at every page.

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