3 Reviews (or mini reviews)

Tuesday’s Child, by Dale Mayer

I had such high hopes for Tuesday’s Child when I started reading it. It seemed right up my alley and I was super excited. Unfortunately I quickly realized that it was not holding my interest and unfortunately it had to go in my DNF pile. I could never quite figure out why it was not holding my interest.So I can’t even say much about it.
Indelible Love : Emily’s Story, by D.W. Cee

Initially it started out REALLY promising but oh gosh Emily grew to be annoying. Both men had faults,which was awesome because no guy was perfect but I had SUCH an issue with how her low self esteem seemed to make her go back and forth between Jake who wanted to give her the world (but who had some controlling tendencies) and Max who only wanted her then because he couldn’t have her.
It was WAY too long and it got really tedious not even halfway through.So I actually had to stop reading it because her constant back and forth was driving me insane.So that one ended up in a DNF pile (though I made it farther with this one than I did with Tuesday’s Child)
The Job Offer, by Eleanor Webb

It was pretty good however I have to wonder who was editing this book? I caught several spelling mistakes and I’m sorry but if you put a book out for publication,shouldn’t it be free of spelling & grammatical errors? The title really had very little to do with the actual story and I took major issue with that. Also I really didn’t like the ending. I had hoped that we’d get an epilogue of some sort and yet there wasn’t one.So it felt REALLY unfinished to me.

4 thoughts on “3 Reviews (or mini reviews)

  1. Editing is one of my pet-peeves. Sometimes I know indie authors can't afford to hire an editor, but I definitely still support having beta readers who will help you clean up your prose and watch for grammar and spelling mistakes. Ugh that you had to DNF some but you know, that's more time you can spend reading AWESOME books!




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