Review: Cloaks & Veils by J.C. Carlson

Author: J.C, Carlson
Published: July 17th,2012
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Available at in multiple versions.Available at Barnes & Noble in paperback.
Synopsis: Disgraced FBI agent Sundara “Dara” McIntyre must monitor a junior agent as punishment for her affair with a Jordanian spy by the name of Tariq.Dara must figure out if recently widowed Caitlin is fit to be in the field. 
Yet this widow has her own secrets much like Dara. Dara begins investigating an operation that seems to raise red flags. An operation that Caitlin & her recently deceased husband Jonathan recently took part in. Dara’s investigation takes her to both Dubi & to Barcelona. But the truth is much harder to find than Dara realizes.And when certain things come to light she begins to wonder if she can trust anyone…even the man who penetrated her hard exterior.
Disclaimer: I bought this book off Amazon.
Review: I got this one as a free e-book from Amazon.It seemed interesting and at the time I needed a book to read. It took me over a month to finish it. Not that I didn’t enjoy it but just after I bought this book I had a plethora of books show up in my mailbox.Which meant this one got pushed to the side.
There was a whole lot of stuff going on in this book.But through it all I really liked Dara. She was a take charge kind of woman.She was a straight shooter & no BS kind of person.I did find it sort of sad that she had no one in her corner aside from Tariq who she had basically been forced to stop seeing. There was never any doubt in my mind that he cared deeply for her.
Now Caitlin was far more complicated than I ever gave her credit for initially.She had lost her husband and she had learned of her pregnancy shortly after Jonathan had died.By the end of the book I was firmly in Caitlin’s corner as I had come to realize that this scheme that she and Jonathan had been involved in,had gotten out of hand.Tony Alvaro & Dominic Cahill are two other players in this crazy game of deception.
I gave this book 4 stars.While I enjoyed it very much,there was not a whole lot of character development in the supporting characters.Outside of Dara,Tariq,Caitlin and Jonathan I don’t feel like I got to know the other characters that well.

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