Friday Musings

I am still trying to figure out the name for this weekly feature so for now I’m naming it Friday Musings.I am working hard not to tread on the toes of book bloggers who have come before me.Thankfully I have Molli from Once Upon A Prologue to tell me if a name I picked already for a meme has already been used. So thanks Molli.

So today I am going to talk about what got me into reading YA books.Until about 2 years ago I didn’t even know that YA was a book genre.It wasn’t until my friend Katie insisted that I read The Hunger Games that I realized that there was a whole new genre of books that I had never even known about. From the recommendation of The Hunger Games trilogy to the awesomeness that both the Divergent Trilogy & the Shatter Me trilogies have,I am excited to read the next Dystopian novel.

Some people will say that it was the Twilight series that got them into reading YA.I will not be one of them.I am one of the few people who loved the final book of the Twilight series best of all but I would never read the series again. Not when there is so many BETTER YA authors out there. Laura Howard who wrote The Forgotten Ones,R.J. Anderson who wrote Ultraviolet & Dan Rix who wrote Entanglement are all fantastic writers of the YA genre.

Tell me who are yout favorite authors of any genre?

4 thoughts on “Friday Musings

  1. I'm a total cliche, but Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga, and The Hunger Games all got me into reading YA as an adult. I figure it doesn't matter what gets you reading, as long as you READ. Some of my favourite YA authors: Jessi Kirby, Stephanie Perkins, Sarah Dessen, Veronica Rossi, Katie McGarry, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Victoria Scwab, Morgan Matson, Sarah Mlynowski…I could go on forever. I'm discovering new authors all the time (I have a couple dozen books waiting on my shelves by authors I've never read), and I love how YA is constantly evolving and getting BETTER. It's an exciting time to be a YA fan (and writer)!


  2. P.S. Alexia, I just had to add that YA is so prominent in the reading community, yet so *not* at the same time (especially for those who don't read much, regardless of their age). So many people are truly missing out, right? Which is why I love to spread the word about it every chance I get! Because YA rocks! πŸ˜‰ ❀


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