Review: Road to Justice, Path of Revenge by Edward Vogler

Author: Edward Vogler
Published: May 29th,2013
Published by Outskirts Press
Genre: Mystery/Thiller
Available at in both paperback & Kindle versions. 
Available at Barnes & Noble in both paperback & Nook versions.
Available at The Book Depository in paperback.

Synopsis: Just days before he is set to retire Ed Jenkins is pulled into a unexpected series of events. First he is shot at, then he learns that his best friend was in a terrible car accident. Once he and his wife Jane arrive begin their Caribbean cruise,things only get weirder.Ed is thrown off the ship and he is picked up by a group of immigrants who keep him on the boat until the Coast Gaurd intercepts.Through a series of unfortunate events, Ed is left alone and barely alive until a brother & sister pick him up.
They focus their attention on nursing him back to health & then reuniting him with Jane.Once safe with Jane,Ed learns that there is more than meets the eye with this case.A federal court convenes in Ohio but no one is prepared for what they learn.
Disclaimer: I got this book in exchange for an honest review.
Review: I don’t really know what to say about this one. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. Some parts were awesome. Like the parts with Ed,Maria & Lon. However Jane seemed SO one dimensional,I actually preferred Danni to Jane and Danni was Ed’s best friend’s wife.

However I don’t feel like I was a part of the story and I love feeling like that. I HATED that there was hardly any explanation or any sort of world building. This book was short and it actually read much more like a fan fiction and not like a piece of published work. 
As for the editing,it was terrible. Okay when people speak,they need quotation marks.Not having them confused the heck out of me.Not only that but having a character say multiple things at once without allowing anyone to respond is terrible.
This book is definitely not worth me giving it a second thought. Giving it 2.5 stars because of all the problems with the editing and the lack of explanations and the crappy character development.

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