Review: Frigid (Frigid #1) by J. Lynn

Book: Frigid (Frigid #1)
Author: J. Lynn (aka JLA)
Published: July 15th, 2013 (e-book) November 5th 2013 (paperback)
Publisher: Spencer Hill Contemporary
Genre: NA/Romance
Series: Book 1
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Links: AmazonBarnes & Noble
21 year old Sydney has been in love with Kyler for as long as she can remember. They’ve been best friends since their playground days.If you looked up the word manwhore in the dictionary, Kyler’s picture would be right there. He never stays with the same girl for very long. Sydney doesn’t want to risk their friendship by telling him her true feelings for him.
Now they are stuck together in a ski lodge while a major storm whirls around outside.There is nothing stopping them. Can their friendship survive these feelings. And can they survive at all as a stalker creeps closer and closer to them.
Disclaimer: Bought this book off of Amazon.
 Oh boy,where to start with this one. The first half of the book was awesome and I loved it but as I kept reading I got more and more irritated with both Kyler and Sydney.Once I finished the book and allowed myself time to think about it,I began to realize exactly how aggravating this book was.
Kyler seemed to think that Sydney was a poor helpless little girl who couldn’t take care of herself and the screwy part was that she was characterized in that way. That enraged me so much. I mean where are the confident women who don’t need a man to rescue them? The idea of having a man “rescue” a woman makes me gag. 
Sydney kept saying that she loved him but she never said why she loved him. I certainly didn’t understand it. I wish we had been told what Sydney loved about him because I sure was not buying the “She loves him just because” crap. You don’t just love a person because. There’s got to be a solid reason to love someone (many reasons actually) and we the readers don’t know what & why Sydney loved him.
The manwhore thing? Really if he was in love with her like he claimed to be,he would not have been whoring around. Yes I understand that men have needs but good god he cannot keep having meaningless one night stands and also freaking out that Sydney is simply talking to another guy. Double standard much?
Holy moly if Kyler called her baby one more time I was going to barf all of my coffee up. Especially since he was calling her baby even before they got together. Um I have good male friends but I would never let them call me baby. Heck I never let my ex boyfriend call me baby.Seriously Sydney has a name. Why were the cutesy pet names necessary?
Honestly towards the end I started skimming. The confrontation with the masked guys was really boring and pointless. I was waiting for Kyler to rush in and save her (gag) but thank goodness that wasn’t what happened. Of course I wanted Sydney to rescue herself so to speak but that wasn’t what happened either.
Oh my goodness the ending was predictable and corny and it made me ill. After all of that they are still together and I still don’t know what it is that attracted them to each other. 
This book is getting 2 stars.The plot had so many holes in it that a truck could have driven through and neither main character was all that likeable. Maybe someone else will like this book but this was definitely not one I enjoyed.

6 thoughts on “Review: Frigid (Frigid #1) by J. Lynn

  1. Yes! Awesome, awesome review! I was so mad that Kyler thought Sydney was totally helpless.. but then I was even more mad that she actually was kind of stupid and helpless. UGH!

    And I totally agree about the ending.. skim skim skim. And that whole masked guys thing.. pretty lame.

    Such a disappointing book, but you rocked this review!


  2. Kyler's behavior did drive me nuts. The only reason that I stuck with it was that I had several blogger friends wanting to see what I though.

    I would give Wait For You a shot.It can't hurt.It does seem like JLA's books are really a hit or miss for people.


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