Book Blogger Challenge- Week #2

Hello again everyone. It is time for Week 2 of the Book Blogger Challenge.This feature is from Good Books and Good Wine. The challenge was supposed to be a daily feature but I changed it to suit me a little better. So it’s a weekly thing for me. 
Here it goes…
Week 2-What’s Your Bedtime Reading Ritual
I have a pretty specific reading ritual and when it gets interrupted, it kind of drives me crazy. So depending on my plans for the evening, I usually start at 9:30pm and read for at least 2 hours,sometimes three.I crawl into bed and put my pillows behind my head. I usually have a snack and a cold bottle of water next to me, on the windowsill. I cannot read without snacks and water.
I usually spend time with three books a night. Two review books and a me book. I have to end on a page number that is divisible by 5 and if I am using my Kindle, a percentage that is divisible by 5. Once I’ve spent time in three different book worlds AND have ended on a page or percentage divisible by 5, then I can go to sleep.
So how about you? What is your bedtime reading ritual?

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