Book Blogger Challenge- Week 4

Thanks again to Good Books and Good Wine for this meme. Many other blogs have adopted it and adapted it to suit them and their needs.I am doing it once a week for 15 weeks. 
What’s The Last Book You Flung Across The Room?
Well I don’t really enjoy throwing books across the room. I love my books so the book really must be bad in order for me to fling it anywhere.The first one that comes to mind is a review book by the name of Not For Profit by Glenn Shephard .I was so frustrated with it and bored with it that I threw it across the room more than once. There was just too much stuff that I had problems with.I was unbelievably happy when I was done with that book.

Now when it comes to my Kindle, I don’t throw it. My cat already messed up my Kindle so I have to be super duper careful with it so I don’t mess it up even further to the point of not being able to use it.But the last Kindle book that made me frustrated and rage-y was Torn by K.A.Robinson. That review is scheduled to be posted next week. Then you’ll see why it made me all rage-y.

So what books have you flung across the room?

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