Review: Return To Me by Mae Archer

Book Title: Return To Me 
Author: Mae Archer
Publish Date: September 1st, 2013
Publisher: Momentum Books
Genre: Fiction
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: Amazon
Synopsis from Goodreads:
After a seemingly fatal car accident Lana Walters is transported to a parallel world for a second chance with her dead husband Frank. However, she is not prepared to find that her husband – and the world itself – are very different to her own.

In her other life Lana’s upbringing prepared her for the challenge of being married to Frank, who had a terminal heart condition. In this new world everyone she knows has made different choices and are different people. In this world she is Alannah Walker, and her husband is Tristan. At first the transfer is a fairytale come true … until reality intrudes.

Born Frank Walters, Tristan hides his past under a new name. His heart condition discovered and treated when he was a child, Tristan’s life fell apart when he was 19 years old and made him the man he is today. In love with his wife, Alannah, but betrayed by her neediness Tristan recognizes she is a different person since the car accident but lessons of the past have taught him not to trust too easily.

Now Lana has a choice to make: is this a second chance for love, or a second chance for her to live the life that she never could before?
Disclaimer: I received this e-book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

This was a book that I very nearly DNF’ed about 10% into it. It started off really slowly and I wasn’t sure about this one. I really don’t like books that start off so slowly.Then it got a lot better but I don’t think I really “got” this book. I found it really confusing. The premise of the story sounded so good and definitely confusing but I figured that I’d understand it much better once I started reading it. Well once I finished the book and closed it, I realized that I couldn’t explain it at all.

That’s not a good sign. If an author can take a confusing plot and explain it clearly so everyone can understand it,that’s good. However Archer did not do that. It also didn’t help that the characters were boring and most of them seemed to have a 1-track mind. To be honest the only people I found interesting were Evan and Tammy. Evan was Alannah’s stepbrother and Tammy was Alannah’s mother.

I didn’t really see the chemistry between Alannah/Lana and Tristan/Frank. It’s hard for me to root for a couple to get things right when I can’t see or feel the chemistry between them. That is the main reason that I have to give this book 2 stars.Very poor character development + non-existent chemistry pretty much ruins the book. Despite the perfect editing job that was done on this book, I just didn’t enjoy the book at all.

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