Book Blogger Challenge- Week 12

Hello and welcome to the 12th installment of the Book Blogger Challenge. I can hardly believe I’ve been doing this weekly for 3 months.Pretty awesome. I also cannot believe that I just passed my 7 month blogiversary. Holy moly. I never thought I could maintain this book blog for so long. Not only that, but my numbers are starting to increase.It took awhile for that to happen and I am thrilled that it is happening.

Anywho, this feature is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine and today’s query is…

How Do You Fight Blogger Fatigue?
Oh man, this is a tough one. I think that fighting blogging fatigue is directly linked to reading fatigue. I look at my massive TBR pile and I groan because I know that means that I’ll have to write reviews for all of them.I get exhausted just thinking about it. But really things have been slow on the blog lately and that’s due in part to me being behind in my reading and also having read & reviewed books that aren’t scheduled for release for months.

I don’t want to do a whole lot of discussion posts because then things get boring and stagnant. I also don’t do “filler” posts such as cover reveals, book tours etc all that much anymore.I guess I could just write and write about totally random stuff but then I feel like the blog gets away from why I created it. I created it to talk about books. Yes I do personal posts but I don’t want those to become my main posts.

So I just have to hope that the slump that I am in right now ends soonish.

So how do you fight blogger fatigue?

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