Challenge Participation for 2014

Hello guys, this post will be less of a discussion post and more of a post letting you guys know what blogger challenges and events that I am participating in this year.

The first one is a year round challenge that encourages us to clean out our e-Readers. Read these Edelweiss review copies or those Netgalley review copies.It is being hosted by Emily @ Falling For YA. Definitely go check out the initial post. Make sure to grab the participation button that she has made specifically for this challenge.

I am really excited about this one as I am trying to get my feedback percentage for Netgalley up to an acceptable percentage. I went a little Netgalley crazy when I first started blogging in April of 2013 so my percentage is not what I want it to be. I’m determined to bring my percentage up considerably. As for Edelweiss grabs, things have gotten slightly out of control ever since I was whitelisted for HarperTeen & Harlequin Teen’s titles.

Now onto the second one that I signed up for just yesterday. The Book Blogger Love-a-Thon being co-hosted by Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books & Kate @ Kates Tales Of Books And Bands. This is an event to share the blogger love and even get acquainted with a bunch of new blogs that you may never have known about before.I will let both Katelyn and Alexa tell you all of the information.

So go check out both of these events/challenges whatever you want to call them and consider participating.I wasn’t going to participate in anything this year but I decided to limit myself and only pick a couple of events/challenges to participate in.And these are the two I’ve picked.

3 thoughts on “Challenge Participation for 2014

  1. I've not heard of this NetGalley Challenge. I did the same when I started blogging. I went a little crazy, and I didn't realize that even if you didn't end up downloading the book, it still went against your percentage. And then there were a few that I didn't get to in time, so I can't send feedback on them. I've been working really hard though and I got it up to 75.. My goal is to have it at 90 by the end of this year.

    I just signed up for Edelweiss a couple months ago. I haven't been approved by anything by them yet, but Jen is white listed for Harper titles, I kind of hope they don't do the same for me since I'm a co blogger now because I will surely get myself into trouble. lol. I'll have to look into that challenge. 🙂


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