ARC Envy

As a semi new book blogger, I have dealt with this frequently, although it’s not as bad as it was in the beginning. ARC envy can be awful and it can cause a blogger to feel like crap, to feel like they aren’t good enough or to even feel like they aren’t ever going to get where they want to be. I have yet to meet a single book blogger who hasn’t dealt with the green eyed monster.

Getting ARC’s/e-ARC’s are a huge boost for any blogger because it means that the publishers want you to read and review the book. When those books start arriving in the mailbox or in the emails and those bloggers start posting about them on Twitter or their blogs, it’s hard for those of us who aren’t getting that super coveted ARC/e-ARC. I mean yes of course I am so happy for my blogger friends when they get those highly coveted books, but I won’t lie, a twinge of jealousy always appears for me.

Not feeling good enough has been something I have dealt with in my personal life as well as my blogging life. But I have to remember a few things. Not everyone can receive every ARC/e-ARC. Publishers go with the bloggers that they believe will read and review the book. It’s an extra bonus if the blogger and publisher already have a working relationship.

Just recently I was shot down for a title I had been dying for and while I did feel bummed, I also felt happy when several of my blogger friends received this very book.

It’s been a learning curve for me. To recognize that in the past 9 months I have come so far as a book blogger and that I can only go up from here. To know that I am good enough.I am a good person. Getting or not getting ARC’s/e-ARC’s do not define me.

Have you dealt with ARC envy?

4 thoughts on “ARC Envy

  1. *hugs* It's okay Alexia..Everyone deals with ARC envy. And you touched upon the same feelings I did when I first started out. Some bloggers have been doing these for years so they do have a longer relationship with the publishers and it is an advantage in some form. But remember there are downsides. Once you get a landslide of ARCs, then the feeling can be overwhelming to read and review them all. The pressures can add up and so can the stress. Sometimes it's just better to be selective. I learned how to curb with my jealousy and just read all the books that I already have. Because I know that book will be out soon.


  2. You are right. I have done much better with it than I was doing at the beginning. I don't feel “entitled to every single ARC” just because I'm a book blogger. I have to work at it. Work at the networking and interacting with people. I cannot just assume that publishers/authors will just fall all over me to read/review their book. That's so self centered and that's not me.

    I have a list of e-ARC's right now that is definitely overwhelming but I am learning to take it slowly and not to berate myself over getting behind.

    You are awesome Giselle. Thank you so much for the reassurance & hugs ❤


  3. Awh, yes, I've dealt with ARC envy. I started blogging with my friend Lindsay on my blog last July, but we stopped posting reviews two months later because we though that nobody read our reviews. We started posting again in November, and it hadn't been until the beginning of this year that the reason we weren't getting visitors was because we didn't socialize and comment on other blogs. Now that I've been commenting, following, and talking to other book bloggers, we've gotten some follows and reads!

    And once we started getting followers and reads and reach…yeah, I started getting ARCs from NetGalley. Plus, I've won three physical ARCs in giveaways so far, and seriously, ARC envy has taken its hold on me. It took a week to realize that requesting eARCs, although can be addicting and can result in a multitude of ARCs, can be very addicting and the pile of unread ARCs can really stack up.

    Because of the ARCs that I've received from NetGalley and the other books that I order online, I've had to start up a calendar and write down deadlines such as when the eARC expires or when the book gets published so I can keep track of my reviews and which ARCs I need to read sooner than later. It's helped a lot, though I'm getting very stressed.

    I'm sorry to be sort of venting to you xD I swear it started off as a comment on your post… But you know. I get very sidetracked.

    Anyway, really nice topic that I'm sure every book blogger can relate to (:

    YA Book Queens (:


  4. First of a huuuuge hugs to you Tori. Feel free to vent away 🙂 e-ARC's are really so dangerous. because you think you have a handle on them and before you know it, you've got over 30 e-ARC's to read in the next few months. It's daunting and definitely stressful.

    Stay organized!


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