YA books Made Into Movies

So I came up with this discussion idea after the ladies of Epic Reads discussed it on their weekly show called Tea Time this past Wednesday. I love, LOVE books as evidenced by me having a book blog and talking incessantly about books. I am also a major movie buff. There has been an influx of YA books being turned into movies over the past 5-10 years. Some of them have been amazing and some of them have sucked the big one.

I cannot mention YA books & movies without mentioning the 8 Harry Potter movies. Some of them were better than others and one of them I actually enjoyed more than the book (No I didn’t love all seven books the same)  There was another one where I adored the book but the movie adaptation of it was terrible. Which depressed the crap outta me.

Twilight, now I read the books once and now looking back, I am embarrassed that I read them. Totally cannot believe that I enjoyed them. However I went to go see Twilight when it came out in theaters and basically hated it. Kristen Stewart just cannot act to save her life. So I got New Moon on Netflix later on and could only make it through about 45 minutes before I had to turn it off. I have yet to see Eclipse or Part 1 & 2 of Breaking Dawn. The idea of a werewolf imprinting on a baby just… BARF!

Now The Hunger Games was a pretty decent movie adaptation. Yes there were changes that people had to accept. However it’s successor Catching Fire basically knocked it out of the park in terms of adapting the book to the movie. They had kept so many of the lines from the book and that thrilled me. The casting for Catching Fire was fantastic (RIP PSH) I even ended up loving Sam Claflin as Finnick though I was initially nervous about as he was my favorite male character in Catching Fire. Jena Malone was PERFECTION as Johanna Mason. They could not have cast that one better.

I have not read Vampire Academy but I saw the premiere for the film and I could not understand the hype. If the books are anything like the previews for the movie, I think I’ll pass. Yikes. It just looks totally cringe-worthy.

Now I am excited about Divergent even though I am still not 100% sold on Theo James as Four (Yes I know I’m crazy) I love that they were able to get some big names into the film (Kate Winslet & Ashley Judd) I really hope that the movie is as good as the previews made it look. I think I’ll be really upset if it ends up not being good.

Now onto the books that I would hate to see made into a movie. The Splintered series by A.G.Howard. I have absolutely adored the first two books but I would be terrified that the movies would be trash. They would have to get just the right director to do it (I would say Tim Burton but he’s already directed Alice in Wonderland and I don’t think he’d do this one.) The special effects would be dynamite, that much I am sure of. So movie people, if you are, by some miracle, reading this, please don’t make Splintered & Unhinged & Ensnared into movies.

My other YA movie don’t is The Program & The Treatment by Suzanne Young. Again, I absolutely LOVED this duology  but please movie people bypass this duology. I am absolutely terrified to think what would happen to this series if a director got their hands on it. First off, the books are long so lots would be cut which I would not be happy about. Secondly, I’d be worried about the casting of the key players (James, Sloane & Realm) among others. Amazing books that need to just stay books.

So what books would you hate to see be turned into movies?

One thought on “YA books Made Into Movies

  1. Ooh, I totally agree with you! Though I haven't read the HP books, I felt some of the movies were better than others (obviously…everyone feels this way!). I just know that after movie four, things got real dark, which I liked for the most part.

    And Twilight. Oh gosh. So much to be said about those book-to-movie adaptions as well as the movies, and yet so little to be said, too. I read all the books, and I saw all the movies—mostly just so I could judge them for myself. I have to admit that the movies were really ridiculous, but so were the books. I just…couldn't.

    The Hunger Games! I was alright with the first movie, but then when Catching Fire came out, I knew I had to see Mockingjay parts one and two. Catching Fire was just so good. And Sam Clafin. He was hot. I'm glad you learned to like him. And YES! I agree with Johanna Mason! She was cast amazingly!

    Ahh, see, I'm quite attached to Vampire Academy because I've been with that series for the longest time (five years now? That's a long time for me since I'm young-ish). I didn't think the movie was crap, but it wasn't the best. I liked Rose the most; she was cast true to the book character. But Lissa and Dimitri? I couldn't. I just couldn't. (Rose was the main character, Lissa was the best friend, and Dimitri was the love interest.)

    I really want Cinder/Scarlet/Cress to be made into movies! I'd love to see how they cast everybody, and because of all the action, I think it'd make a good movie. Also, I want them to continue with the Vampire Academy movies, haha. Juuuust to see if they can do better with Frostbite. xD Plus, the ending of the movie was open, so I'm excited to see what they do!

    I have to admit that I'm not too sure about a sequel to City of Bones though. I liked the movie, but I think it'd be a better standalone.


    Okay, I'm rambling. Sorry. (But hey. I don't want a second Ender's Game. That was a weird movie.)

    Tori @ YA Book Queens


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