My Transition

Deciding to make the transition from Blogger to WordPress was something I had been considering for several months. My initial plan was to wait until the issue of someone running up charges on my credit card was dealt with, but that doesn’t seem to be ending yet. So I decided to just switch over to WordPress, finagle my finances so I could afford the Premium WordPress plan, and then later, upgrade to self hosted.

I swore the hardest part was going to be transferring all my old posts from Blogger to WordPress, but that was actually the EASIEST part!!!

Now the layout was the most stressful part to me. I had an idea of exactly how I wanted it to look, but nothing was standing out to me. Nothing was fitting EXACTLY what I wanted, so I basically spent the entirety of Sunday picking my theme and then customizing it. It even spilled over into Monday because I am so picky, and so type A.

So even though people were offering to help, I am such a control freak, I never would have accepted ANYONE’s help.

I am still worried about never getting my followers to find me over here since I couldn’t afford to do self hosted and bring my followers over here, but I figure, people will find me eventually.

Thanks for all your support, guys!

One thought on “My Transition

  1. Congrats on the move! 🙂 But whatever you do, don’t buy the upgrades on As soon as you’re ready to start paying, go self hosted. The premium plans aren’t worth it. 😉


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