Disney Love- Day 13


Hi everyone! It’s me again! Jennifer Y. I can’t believe that Alexia allowed me back to talk Disney a second time (what was she thinking, right?)

Anyway, today, I thought I’d continue the Disney theme and discuss one of the things I think of most when I hear Disney and that is: MOVIES

I could go on and on for days discussing all of the Disney films produced throughout the years that I love and those films are special to me. Each film has a special character, moment, or memory associated with it. There are the animated classics such as Snow White and Cinderella. Not to mention the live action Disney films The Parent Trap and Pollyanna. Then there are the ones that blend animation with live action such as Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Like I said, I could go on and on for days…but I doubt Alexia (or you) really want me to do that so I decided to narrow it down to five (which was almost impossible) and share what made that film special to me. These are in no particular order (and again it was almost impossible) and I also only included animated movies that I had seen. (Did I mention narrowing down was almost impossible?)

Beauty and the Beast

So up first, we have one of my favorite movies featuring some of my favorite characters, songs, and scenes of all time. My big sister took me to see this at the theater when I was 8 years old. I still remember sitting there, mesmerized by the beautiful images on the screen, thinking, “That. I want that.” Of course, I was talking about the library. I wouldn’t have minded a prince either at that age, but I have always been a reader and it was neat to see a heroine who loved books like I did. Belle is still one of my favorite princesses probably always will be. I also adored all of the other characters in the film. It is probably one of the best cast of characters…from little Chip to the Cogsworth. Each had their own personality despite their limitations as objects in the castle. It is a special film for me and one I can watch over and over again.

The Little Mermaid

This is another one I remember seeing in the theater when it was released. It was one of the first princess movies in a long time for Disney and was kind of their “Princess: The Next Generation” type thing following the princesses from the previous decades. This movie was wonderful at the time. I loved the music, the characters, the story; I loved everything. I wanted to be a mermaid (which is surprising because I hate swimming in the ocean and the beach now…and those seashells look so uncomfortable). I wanted to sing like Ariel and comb my hair with a fork (which my parents didn’t understand since they hadn’t seen the movie). Even today I will, occasionally, still randomly start singing “Part of That World” no matter where I am (thought I was going to say comb my hair with a fork, huh?). Anyway, I still love Ariel and probably own more with her image on it than any of the other princesses. I even bought a shirt while I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago because she was on it.


So I didn’t see Up in the theaters. I actually watched it with my dad. That’s one of the reasons it is special to me. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the beginning of this film is very touching and it made me shed a tear or two…okay, I shed a tear or two later in the film as well. But I was also surprised to see, as we watched, to see my Daddy wiping tears away as well. When he noticed me looking instead of denying it by saying, “There was something in my eye” like he usually does, he surprised me and owned up to crying by saying, “You didn’t tell me this was a sad movie! Who makes a sad movie for kids?” I then reminded him of almost every other Disney movie where a main character didn’t have a parent (really, all I needed to say was Bambi). So not only do I love the story, characters (“Squirrel!”), and message of this film, it’s special to for other reasons as well. Every time I watch it from now on, I’ll always think of my dad.


Another one I didn’t see in theaters (I don’t go to the movies much anymore), but that I absolutely, positively LOVE. Rapunzel is in my top 3 Princesses…up there with Belle and Ariel. I loved the music, images, characters, story, everything about this movie. I could feel for Rapunzel. Even though I don’t have mile long hair or live in a tower and I know who my family is, growing up I sometimes I felt isolated from the world and alone. I didn’t fit in anywhere and I wanted to know what was out there, but I was afraid of what I’d find. In many ways I envy Rapunzel’s adventurous spirit and bravery because I tend to stick to my little corner of the world wondering what’s out there.

Tinker Bell

This one didn’t go to theaters (at least I don’t think it did), but it is a favorite of mine for many reasons. For the first time we get a Tinker Bell origin story. Although the Tinker Bell in this story is a lot nicer than the silent Tink in Peter Pan (she tries to get the Lost Boys to shoot the “Wendy Bird” down from the sky, for crying out loud!), she is still adorably cute (although she could use a longer skirt). I love that Tink finally has a voice and can express herself. I also enjoyed meeting the fairy friends and learning about the different types of fairies and how Tinker Bell started out. I can’t help but wonder what happened later in life to turn her in the sassy little fairy we see in Peter Pan though…I guess jealousy, cheating ex-boyfriend? Anyway, I thought it was a cute film and I like seeing old familiar characters from classic movies given new life in an interesting new way (also enjoy the sequels).

So as I said earlier it was very hard to narrow down this list as each movie means something different to me and holds a memory for me. One day maybe I’ll write those down so my future children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. can read and watch. But until that day I will just say that every Disney movie ever made holds a special place in someone’s heart and memory …whether it be mine or someone else‘s. And I think that is what makes movies magical.

What are some of your favorite Disney films?

Jennifer is a lifelong reader and Disney fan who can rarely be found without a book. She also might have a slight addiction to anything Disney if the numerous Disney-related items around her house and animated movies on her shelves are any indication. Jennifer has been known to randomly sing songs from Disney soundtracks in public…and in private. She currently resides in the southern U.S. where she dreams of one day owning a library like Belle’s and continues to wait for the woodland creatures that will do her housework and other errands so she has more time to read. If you want to learn more about Jennifer, you can follow her on Twitter: @2many2read or Instagram: @j_lynn82 She also recently took the plunge and joined GoodReads and even though her account is a self-described hot mess right now, would love to meet new friends: www.goodreads.com/2many2read

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