NaNoWriMo Book Tag

Hi guys, so if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I an doing NaNoWriMo this year. I have a feeling my reading will be stalled, so I wanted to do some posts about NaNoWriMo. Tomorrow, there will be a more in depth blog post about it. For this tag, I was tagged by my favorite person in the entire world, and fellow NaNo’er, Bekka.

1. how many times have you done nano?
I’ve done NaNo three times. This time is the third time.

2. how did you first find out about nanowrimo?
I’m not even sure. It could have been from fellow book bloggers, but I’m totally drawing a blank.

3. what was the name of the first novel you attempted to write during nanowrimo?
The first novel I ever tried to write was called Scattered Ashes.

4. give us a one sentence summary of what you’re writing this year.
Schizophrenic girl sees a sexual assault unfold in front of her, but she’s not sure if it’s real or a delusion.

5. what is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?
I’ve gotten some great pieces of advice, recently. From Courtney Summers “One word at a time” From Susan Dennard, “Have small manageable goals” From Sarah Ockler “If you have a story in your heart, if your characters haunt you, it’s your sacred duty to get those words on the page. Find a way” And from Ann Stampler “Don’t force yourself. As the story unfolds, it will tell you.”

6. have you ever taken a year off of nanowrimo? why?
Not since I started doing it.

7. what is your biggest inspiration when figuring out what to write?
I write about what interests me. I write what I would want to read.

8. show us the first sentence from one your novels.
The last thing I remember is taking a razor to my arms because the voices told me to.

9. why do you love writing?
I’ve always been able to express myself best through writing. Writing is what I turn to when I’m upset or angry. Writing is cathartic for me. I feel relaxed and peaceful when I’m writing. I love writing simply because it calms me down and I get the opportunity to revisit my imagination.

If you are doing NaNo, I tag you!

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