Book Blogger Challenge- Week 8

This week’s challenge comes to us from Good Books and Good Wine and this week I’ve been challenged to…
Quick, write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!
  • No noise- There is no point to having noise on a book blog. Most of us are already listening to music.
  • Simple- Having a simple and neat layout is a big deal to me. If a blog is really cluttered up, I am less likely to visit the blog often.
  • Colors- Now I love color,but as someone who is visually impaired, I cannot see the blog text when its in neon pink or green etc.
  • Background- no dark background with light text. It just doesn’t work for me.
  • Search bar- So helpful! Especially if I am trying to remember if someone read & reviewed a particular book.
  • Personality! Yes that can be achieved by color and graphics but it can also be achieved by writing style. If I can get a sense of your personality through your posts, that’s great.
  • Passion- Goes along with some of the other things. If I can tell that you are truly passionate about books, then that would definitely make me want to visit your blog more frequently.
  • Comments- If I can see that you are interacting with your readers, that will show me a lot and it will make me want to comment on your blog.
  • Reviews of books I loved- Now not everyone will like all the same books but I love reading reviews of books that I loved.Even if we don’t have the same opinions on books,that doesn’t matter to me.
  • Personal posts-Getting to know the blogger behind the blog as a person is a really big deal to me.
  • Humor- Now I am not great at humor but I love when I read someone’s blog and they make me laugh until my sides ache.
  • GIF’s- I am just now beginning to see the awesomeness that are GIF’s. As long as there aren’t 15 GIF’s in a single post, I’m happy. Use them sparingly.
  • Pictures- Especially covers of books. I think this is really important to have the book cover with the review so people know what the book looks like.
  • Reliability- I get that people have lives and other things to do, but if you are going to be absent for awhile, let your readers know.
  • Archives- Especially for reviews so the readers can see what you’ve reviewed in the past.
So what are some things that appeal to you in blogs?