2 Year Blogging Anniversary

How has it been 2 years since I started book blogging? 
24 months ago I decided to start blogging about books. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know half of the thing I know now.
I don’t make friends easily. Maybe its because of my age, maybe it’s because I can be really blunt & honest to people. Maybe I’m just not the type of person that is able to keep friendships going. Maybe I just don’t have that ability. Yet with blogging, it’s easier. We have different lives, but we all connect through our love of books & reading.
If I could tell my newbie book blogging self something, I’d tell myself not to force things. Either friendships or reading certain books. I’d tell myself not to overthink things. I’d tell myself to be selective in the books I choose to review, and the blog tours I get invitations for.
There are so many amazing book bloggers who I’ve befriended, who’ve been there for me in my darkest times. So many authors who have done the same thing. I usually don’t get overly sentimental, but thank you to those bloggers and those authors who’ve accepted me, cared about me and have believed in me when I didn’t always believe in myself. 
Kat, Bekka, Lyn, Kara, Pixie, Meredith, Kayla & Stacie among so many others have supported me, loved me and cared about me. So many of you offered to chase down my cheating ex with pitchforks, so many of you have listened to me as my heart was breaking over the whole situation. So many of you have been on my side, fighting in my corner as I got rejected for job after job after job. I’d be lost without you all. Thank you for caring about me.
The authors have been equally amazing, kind and generous. Corey Ann, we bonded over our love of cheese and now I think of you whenever I eat cheese. Jessica Verdi, your kindness won’t soon be forgotten. Neither will your gorgeous books. Brandy Colbert, Becky Albertalli, Courtney C. Stevens, I fell in love with your books and have championed the heck out of them. Your kindness made it easy for me to fall in love with your books. There are so many other authors that have invaded my cynical heart. Thank you to each and every one of you.
I’ve made no secret about the fact that I’m working on some WIPs. I’ve had so much support for these as well. Kat, Bekka, Stormy, I’d be lost without your support. I started working on a LGBT NA that Dahlia Adler in particular has been hugely supportive of. A million thank yous to Dahlia for encouraging me to write it. 
Thank you to this awesome community for embracing me 2 years ago. I am incredibly lucky to know so many awesome people.