Armchair BEA Week: Day 2 Author Interactions

I love interacting with authors, but it wasn’t always easy for me. I am pretty outgoing sometimes but I am also pretty introverted sometimes. It really depends on the individual situation. With people I know well, I am outgoing, but with new people I am more quiet & observant.

So interacting with authors has been difficult for me. It’s gotten easier over the past year, but I still struggle with it at times. Having some great authors to talk to has definitely helped put my mind at ease.

Corey Ann Haydu, author of OCD Love Story & Life By Committee recently did a guest post on the blog. Now that was something I struggled with. Not with the post exactly, but with the process of emailing back and forth with her. She’s an amazing lady and technically I didn’t ask her for anything (she offered) but it was still hard.

Jessica Verdi is another author who I’ve interacted with on a fairly frequent basis. She wrote My Life After Now and The Summer I Wasn’t Me. She’s another awesome lady who has been very gracious. Not just to me, but to everyone. I’ve made it clear to her that I will shout about her books constantly and I cannot wait to read her next book (comes out in 2015)

Of course the list of amazing authors could go on and on. A.G. Howard, Victoria Scott, Anne Blankman, Emery Lord, Brandy Colbert & Sharon Biggs Waller. This is just a sampling of names that came to me first. There are so many other authors who’ve welcomed me, and my thoughts on books, with open arms.

So how has your interactions with authors changed since you began blogging? Who are the authors that have been particularly awesome?

It’s Armchair BEA Week! (My Introduction)

Hello everyone, this year I am thrilled to be participating in Armchair BEA Week. I’m sure you may be wondering what exactly is it. It’s a way that those who cannot attend BEA in NYC can participate without leaving the comfort of your own home. Last year, I had just began blogging so I did not participate. This year, I’m ready to do this!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? Where in the world are you blogging from? 
Hello, my name is Alexia and I’ve been blogging for just over a year. I recently took some time off school to focus on my writing projects and as I already have 2 degrees I just may never return to school. I have a wonderful family, an amazing boyfriend (anyone else hate the term boyfriend?) and three wonderful pets. I got into blogging because I had a couple of bookish friends that did it so I decided to start it up myself. I blog from sunny Northern California.

Describe your blog in just one sentence. Then, list your social details — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — so we can connect more online. 
My blog is super hard to describe so I’ll just go with a book blog that encompasses many genres. Social details. Instagram name alexiareads & Twitter handle @alexiareads. 

What genre do you read the most? I love to read because ___________________ . 

I’ve been on a major YA Contemporary kick lately. I’d say that’s the genre I read most. Reading transports me to a whole different world and I don’t even have to leave my bedroom.

What was your favorite book read last year? What’s your favorite book so far this year? 
Ohhhh, this is tough. Last year my favorite book was The Program by Suzanne Young. Absolutely amazing book that I absolutely adored. Favorite book this year is a three way tie between Open Road Summer by Emery Lord, Pointe by Brandy Colbert & Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens.

 What does your favorite/ideal reading space look like? (Pinterest encouraged!) 
A big room filled with couches and a lot of pillows and bookshelves built into every wall. A mini-fridge too as I am usually eating something while I read.

What is your favorite blogging resource? 
In terms of getting access to more books, it’s Edelweiss & NetGalley. Both places you can request Electronic Advanced Reader Copies. In terms of getting tips on book blogging, I go to the bloggers who’ve been around awhile.

Spread the love by naming your favorite blogs/bloggers (doesn’t necessarily have to be book blogs/bloggers).
Definitely Jamie of The Perpetual Page Turner, Meredith of Pandora’s Books, Octavia of Read. Sleep. Repeat. & Kelly of Effortlessly Reading.

 Share your favorite book or reading related quote. 
Book quote was easy, so I went with that.
“After all this time?”
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 books would you bring? Why? What 3 non-book items would you bring? Why?
I’d bring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows & Splintered & Unhinged by A.G.Howard. Non book items, I’d bring cans of iced tea, BBQ potato chips & dark chocolate.
 What book would you love to see as a movie?
The Program by Suzanne Young & The Summer I Wasn’t Me by Jessica Verdi. Okay so that’s two books. I cheated a bit.Ooopsies.

If you are participating in Armchair BEA this week, leave me the link to your post for today.