NaNoWriMo Book Tag

Hi guys, so if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I an doing NaNoWriMo this year. I have a feeling my reading will be stalled, so I wanted to do some posts about NaNoWriMo. Tomorrow, there will be a more in depth blog post about it. For this tag, I was tagged by my favorite person in the entire world, and fellow NaNo’er, Bekka.

1. how many times have you done nano?
I’ve done NaNo three times. This time is the third time.

2. how did you first find out about nanowrimo?
I’m not even sure. It could have been from fellow book bloggers, but I’m totally drawing a blank.

3. what was the name of the first novel you attempted to write during nanowrimo?
The first novel I ever tried to write was called Scattered Ashes.

4. give us a one sentence summary of what you’re writing this year.
Schizophrenic girl sees a sexual assault unfold in front of her, but she’s not sure if it’s real or a delusion.

5. what is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?
I’ve gotten some great pieces of advice, recently. From Courtney Summers “One word at a time” From Susan Dennard, “Have small manageable goals” From Sarah Ockler “If you have a story in your heart, if your characters haunt you, it’s your sacred duty to get those words on the page. Find a way” And from Ann Stampler “Don’t force yourself. As the story unfolds, it will tell you.”

6. have you ever taken a year off of nanowrimo? why?
Not since I started doing it.

7. what is your biggest inspiration when figuring out what to write?
I write about what interests me. I write what I would want to read.

8. show us the first sentence from one your novels.
The last thing I remember is taking a razor to my arms because the voices told me to.

9. why do you love writing?
I’ve always been able to express myself best through writing. Writing is what I turn to when I’m upset or angry. Writing is cathartic for me. I feel relaxed and peaceful when I’m writing. I love writing simply because it calms me down and I get the opportunity to revisit my imagination.

If you are doing NaNo, I tag you!

Big Bang Theory Book Tag


Hi guys!

I saw this book tag on a couple of bloggers blogs, so I traced it back to it’s original creator. The original creator was Terri of Reading by Starlight.

I love The Big Bang Theory and have been an avid watcher for the last several seasons. So when I found out that there was a book tag for this awesome show, I knew I had to do it. I’ll be keeping this list to books I’ve read this year.

1. The Fish Night Light – a book that may have been rocking its crazy but was still kind of brilliant.
I couldn’t decide between these two books. They were both utterly fantabulous and seriously working the crazy, but in the BEST possible way.

2. The Hawking – the author that would be like your equivalent of Physics Genius meets Stephen Hawking.
This one is tough because there are so many authors that I’d consider to be absolute GENIUSES. And there are different geniuses depending on which genre they write in. Okay maybe I’m overthinking this one a bit. My current pick for this one would be Stephanie Kuehn because she is a damn genius.

3. The Euclid Avenue – the book so full of bumps and (plot) holes that it proved annoying to read.
I was so completely annoyed by this book. The characters all drove me insane.

4. The Spock Napkin – the book for which you had low or moderate expectations, and then it was so beyond awesome that you wanted to hug it and love it and shout about it forever.
Both of these authors had books that had underwhelmed me in the past, so I was nervous to read their recent releases. Thankfully, I was blown away by both of these books.

5. The Awkward Fanboy – the book that seems to follow you around the blogosphere, and you know you don’t want to read it but it won’t leave you alone.
VAI have literally no desire to read this series. Yet it follows me around the blogosphere.

6. The Classified Materials – the book with a spoiler so huge, when anyone asks, you just can’t even say because the spoiler is such a big part of it.
Yes, god I wanted to talk about this book so much, but I really can’t because of the giant ass spoiler.

7. The Jiminy – the book that gets mistaken most often for the wrong genre, and you’re constantly arguing for why it’s this other genre/subgenre.
Actually, I’m the one that kept mis-genre-ing this one. I kept thinking it was historical fiction, but it’s not.

8. The Adhesive Duck – the book that was all cute and cuddly and then WHAM YOUR FEELS AND OW AND YOUR HEART AND WHAT JUST HAPPENED.
Yesss, forever these two. I loved them both and was not ready for the onslaught of feels that came my way with these.

9. The Zazzy – the book that’s got so much personality that it’s just ZAZZY and there’s no other word for it.
I loved this book. It was full of personality, girl power and badass girls.

10. The Hot Troll – the book you thought would be beautiful and fabulous and then it turned out to be horrible and gross.
I was expecting to be blown away with this book but it was horrible and such an epic disappointment

11. The Zarnecki – the book with an antagonist so evil/mean/disgusting that you’d drive many hours just to knee him/her in the … well you get it.
Yes, the antagonist in this book is a sick person. All I wanted to do was kick him in the crotch.

12. The Train Tour – the book with the development/ending/sunken ship/whatever that proved so upsetting, you contemplated running away forever so you didn’t have to deal with your feels.
The end of this book destroyed the ever loving hell out of my feels. I never wanted to feel those feels again.

If you are a fan of Big Bang Theory, go ahead and do this tag.

Halsey Book Tag

THBTI recently discovered Halsey, and oh my goodness, I think I’m in love. When Bekka tagged me in this, I knew I had to do it. I mean come on it’s HALSEY for goodness sake. I’m so crazy in love with Halsey right now

1. Castle – Your favorite queen
Technically she’s not a queen yet, but she’s a badass princess who I absolutely ADORE!

2. Hold Me Down – A series you just can’t seem to quit no matter how hard you try
This series is like crack. It’s impossible to stop reading it. It’s the equivalent to trashy tv. It’s good, fluffy fun.

3. New Americana – The fictional friend group you’d want to be your fight-the-apocalypse squad
All of the characters in these two books would be awesome to have on my squad for many reasons.

4. Drive – A couple that needs to communicate (better)
Rose & Caleb have stupid arguments over stuff and it makes me want to shake them.

5. Hurricane – Your favorite standalone
This book was utterly glorious. I loved it and I cried over it more times than I care to admit.

6. Roman Holiday – Cutest contemporary couple
Paige and Max had this adorable nerdy thing going, which I LOVED!

7. Ghost – Most tragic breakup
Celaena & Sam. That was brutal ending to this bind up of novellas. I loved Celaena and Sam so much.

8. Colors – One of your faves who hurts you a lot because they make TERRIBLE decisions
God dammit Montanna. I loved you but so many of your decisions made me want to put my head through a wall.

9. Strange Love – A character a lot of people don’t get, but you absolutely love
Loved Audie. She was hilariously funny, blunt and unapologetically honest. A lot of people will be put off by her, but I LOVED her.

10. Coming Down – A book with the best sexy times
Yes, of course. Sexy times with Tamlin & Feyre. So fabulous.

11. Haunting – A book or character you’re still thinking about
This book will blow your mind in the best possible way. I was in a book hangover for a WEEK after this book.

12. Gasoline – Favorite self-destructive character
Stevie was a mess, but there were legitimate reasons for that. She had gone through so much in her young life. Her self destruction was mostly because of her eating disorder.

13. Control – Your favorite villain
Loved Rhysand. I cannot wait for more of him in book two.

14. Young God – Characters that secretly worship each other
Kitty & Knox. Yes, they they worship each other. It’s obvious to me.

15. Walk the Line – Best retelling or reworking
Yessss, gorgeous writing, gorgeous characters. I loved this book!

16. Is There Somewhere – OTP with obstacles
Alex and Miles were awesome, but they do have some obstacles to deal with.

17. Empty Gold – An OTP that became a NoTP
Sorry Laura Jean, but you deserve so much better than Peter.

18. Trouble – A toxic relationship you still ship even though you know better
Lia and the Assassin. I know he was sent to kill her, but I’m still shipping them. HARD.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you love Halsey, you should do this tag.



I am a huge FRIENDS fan and several months ago, I saw this tag on Nick’s Book Blog and I knew I had to do it at some point.


The One Where Eddie Won’t Go
The Character I Wish Would Just Go Away
Ames. God he was creepy, boundary pushing, slimeball. I think he is my least favorite character of this year.

R&RThe One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break
Favorite Breakup Scene
The breakup scene between Michael & Lucy. It came at a point in the story where there was so much mind fuckery and the scene only added to the break up.

The One With All The Kissing
A Book With Lots Of Kissing
Lots of kissing in this one. Loved all the sexiness & kissing.

The Last One
Favorite Series Finale
I loved how this series ended. I could not have ended the series any better.

The One With The Blackout
A Moment From A Book I Want To Forget
When Ben was a total asshole about Stacey, going as far as to tell Kate that he didn’t owe Stacey anything. I was disgusted and so unbelievably horrifying. 

The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry
A Book That Did Not Make You Emotional As It Did Other Readers
I wanted to feel all the emotions, but I didn’t feel any of them. I wanted to cry so badly because so many others did, but I didn’t.

The One Where Joey Doesn’t Share Food
A Book You Won’t Ever Lend Out
Considering that my ARC of this is signed & personalized, there’s no way in HELL I’m letting anyone borrow it.

The One With The Thumb
A Recent Book That You Would Give Two Thumbs Up To
Yay for insane mind fuckery. I was so unsure about this book, but it was an awesome surprise.

The One With The Ick Factor
A Book With A Pet Peeve
Weak character who refuse to stand up for themselves. I love strong, confident characters. Doormat characters piss me off.

The One With The Lesbian Wedding
Favorite LGBT Book Couple
Simon & Blue = My OTP

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you love Friends, you should do it.

Taylor Swift Book Tag

I was tagged by Bekka of Pretty Deadly.

I knew I had to do this tag because I absolutely adore Taylor. Not only for her music, but also how good she is to her fans.

1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
pick a book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with
I had so much hope for this book. It was weird, which I love and it started out so freaking AWESOME. But things took a downward spiral, fast.

2. Red
a book with a red cover
I didn’t have any books that were all red, so I picked these three books that had the most red on them.

3. Best Day
a book that makes you feel nostalgic
My mom bought me the whole series when I was either eight or nine and I devoured them very quickly. They were my first love and I think the first full series I completed.

4. Love Story
a book with forbidden love
Lexi falls in love with a girl named Carolyn while they are at a de-gayification camp for the summer.

5. I Knew You Were Trouble
a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love
The Darkling! Yessss, I have not finished the series yet, but the Darkling intrigued me almost immediately.

6. Innocent
a book that someone spoiled you for
I’d have to say none because I’m really awesome at avoiding spoilers for books & no one has ever spoiled a book for me.

7. Everything Has Changed
a book with a character that goes through extensive character development
Sydney’s character arc was awesome. She learned about herself, especially when it came to speaking up for herself. She learned about the fact that family isn’t always blood related.

8. You Belong With Me
your most anticipated release
So excited for this book. I’ve loved the first two books in the trilogy and I cannot wait to see how it all ends.

9. Forever and Always
a book with your favorite book couple
Simon & Blue = My OTP

10. Begin Again
a series that deserves a second chance
I have the first two books in this series and I’ve tried starting the series and I just could not get into it. I do want to try it again at some point.

11. Wonderland
a book with your favorite fantasy world
No surprise here, right?

12. Last Kiss
a series you aren’t ready to let go, even though it’s ended
This series was so unique and I was never quite sure what was going on. I was definitely sorry to see it end though.

13. Clean
a series that you’re glad is over
This series just got worse and worse. I honestly was so happy to see it end.

14. Wildest Dreams
your favorite fictional guy
Definitely Khalid. He’s dark, mysterious and so intriguing.

15. Enchanted
a book you found by chance and ended up loving
I bought Pointe on a whim in 2014. I had heard next to nothing about it, but I was definitely intrigued. This book turned out to be one of my favorites of 2014, and it’s still my number one recommendation when people ask me for dark contemporary recs. Out of the Easy was recommended to me by Bekka, actually and I ended up loving it.

16. All You Had to Do Was Stay
a book you didn’t finish, but wish you had given another chance
I’m sure I’d love I’ll Give You The Sun if I gave it another chance. I’ve heard nothing to suggest otherwise. I want to give Sex & Violence another shot to impress me as well.

17. Come Back, Be Here
pick a book you would least like to lend out
My physical ARC of this is signed & personalized so I would NEVER loan this one out.

18. Teardrops On My Guitar
a book that made you cry a lot
Both of these books broke my heart. I am fairly certain I ran out of kleenex while I read each of these.

19. Shake it Off
a book you love so much you just shake off the haters
I loved this book. It showed a darker side to the aftermath of rape. It showed a realistic side, a side no one wants to think about.

20. Blank Space
favorite autographed book
Like I said earlier, this book is signed & personalized. Enough said.

21. Today Was a Fairy Tale
a favorite retelling
I could not decide between these two. They are both awesome reads.

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do it, go right ahead. If you do choose to do it, let me know.

Chris Pratt Book Tag


I was tagged by my blogging bestie, Bekka of Pretty Deadly. The only thing I’ve ever seen him in was Everwood and that was a long ass time ago.

1. guardians of the galaxy – your favorite character ensemble
I love the characters in both of these books. They are dynamic, interesting and captivating.

2. andy dwyer – a book or character you can’t help but love despite their flaws
This series is absolute crack to me. It’s a flawed series, but it’s so much fun.

3. anna faris – your otp
Simon + Blue = PERFECTION

4. chris evans – your BroTP (fave friendship)
Oliver & Drew. Even after all those years Oliver was gone, Drew still cared about him. He still worried about his friend.

5. jurassic world – a badass character
Feyre & Shazi are two badass ladies, and I was torn about which one to pick. So I picked them both.

6. the lego movie – a book that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves

I haven’t read many underrated books this year, so I went back to 2014 for my picks. I have a feeling no one will be shocked with my picks.

7. everwood – a book you read before it was popular

I read both of these well before they were published. I wanted to make sure I had my own opinions for these books before a lot of other people read these because I was so excited about them.

8. transformation – best character development
Both of these books had main characters that initially drove me crazy, but their character arcs were awesome.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you choose to do this one, let me know!