Blogger Trick or Treat: Halloween Traditions

I am participating in a Halloween related thing that the ladies of Great Imaginations created. We were asked to come up with a Halloween related post. I absolutely love Halloween, and it in fact begins the greatest three months of the year (for me at least) Yet, coming up with a post was difficult for me. Nor because I couldn’t think of anything, but because I had TOO many ideas. 
I am really big on traditions, so I decided to focus this post on both the traditions my mom & uncle had as kids and then the traditions I had as a kid as well as traditions I have now as an adult.
When my mom and uncle were young, their house was the “Halloween Party House” and my grandmother would serve hot chocolate and apple cider and all kinds of other yummy things. Yet, instead of having the party early in the evening, it was always after the kids had gone trick or treating. They would all be in my grandmother’s house, candy spilled out all over the floor, and when these kids went home, they were on a massive sugar high. 
When I was a kid, my mom and I lived with my grandmother, but we didn’t do the party thing. I was a sick kid and no one wanted to expose me to a boat-load of germs at this time of the year. Instead I went trick or treating with friends, some were from the neighborhood and some were from school. Across the street and over one house we had a very elderly neighbor who was always very generous with me and the other kids. She handed out king sized candy bars every year. When she died, my selfish 9 year old self’s only thought was “No more king sized candy bars” Damn, just reading that makes me feel crappy for thinking it.
 Even when my mom and I moved out of my grandmother’s house, I still trick or treated at her house with my best friend and my grandmother always had two brown sacks full of candy set aside for us. 
As an adult, my new tradition is to buy big bags of candy from Costco and keep one for myself and then use a second bag of candy for trick or treaters. I usually save the Kit Kats for last as they are my favorite candy. 
So, what were some of your Halloween traditions as a child?