My Music

So I struggled with a topic for this week just like I always seem to do, but then I realized that I had never talked about my other love (outside of reading & outside of my cats) and that is music. I have a very eclectic taste just like I do with my books and what I like to read. I like rock, I like some pop and I looooove country. Like borderline obsessed with it. I’ll do some alternative and I do love me the soundtracks. Especially for movies that I have loved. I absolutely gotta have the soundtrack.

There are some types of music that I cannot stand. Rap is my number on cannot stand music. It’s not even really music to me and most of it is so offensive to women that I can’t even handle it. Of course that happens to be my 13 year old brother’s favorite genre of music and he is allowed to listen to the more offensive stuff at his dad’s which really upsets my mom. Classical makes me think of either elevator music or the music they play when you are on hold on the phone. Jazz, icky, ick. So not my thing. Actually makes me consider sleeping whenever I hear it.

I thought about putting some video clips of my favorite songs in this post, but I didn’t want to slow down the blog for anyone. That’s a pet peeve of mine so why would I do that to someone else?

I’m really on a country kick right now, even more than usual. My top country artists include Reba McEntire (she’s my all time favorite) Taylor Swift (yes I know she’s kinda Country/Pop but I love her) and Carrie Underwood, oh and Lady Antebellum, love them. Of course I cannot forget the men Garth Brooks, Lonestar, Brooks & Dunn & Vince Gill.Blake Shelton is okayish. Luke Bryan is fun & attractive to look at, but I’m not sold on his music.

So what are your favorite types of music and who are your favorite music artists?