Reading For Fun

As a book blogger, I have so many opportunities to read books early. While it’s a wonderful thing that I feel so lucky to be able to do, it’s also hard because I no longer have the time to read the books I really want to read. I have schedules to think about, deadlines to meet and publishers to connect with. While I do love what I do, I sometimes have to put the brakes on things and admit that I’ve had enough and that I desperately need to throw away schedules and deadlines.

And sometimes I just need to read some “me” books for awhile. No matter how many review books I have waiting for me. No matter the deadline or the schedules. Reading books just for me allows me to remember how much I love reading a book with no review expectations. It’s freeing and definitely something I still enjoy.

Recently, I got a new library card and have been reading only my library books for the past week and a half. It has been truly awesome to read books just for me. I thought it would stress me out not reading review copies, but it hasn’t. Actually it’s made me more excited to read upcoming books. I haven’t stopped loving to read, but the excitement had definitely faded recently as my review list has grown steadily. Reading books just for me has actually succeeded in reducing my stress, which I think is totally awesome.

Book bloggers are often under a lot of pressure. Pressure to read, read, read and then to review, review, review. Not to mention building and keeping contacts with publishers & authors. And for most of us, we do this for fun. Most of us have jobs, school & other obligations. Book blogging isn’t all we do and we aren’t just book bloggers. We have a life outside of this fun hobby.

So, remember that it’s okay to break from your reading schedule to read a book just for you. If you need to throw out a schedule sometime to get your reading mojo back, just do it.