Review: All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

Book Title: All The Truth That’s In Me
Author: Julie Berry
Publish Date: September 26th, 2013
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Genre: YA/Historical/Mystery
Book Link: Goodreads
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Synopsis from Goodreads:
Four years ago, Judith and her best friend disappeared from their small town of Roswell Station. Two years ago, only Judith returned, permanently mutilated, reviled and ignored by those who were once her friends and family. Unable to speak, Judith lives like a ghost in her own home, silently pouring out her thoughts to the boy who’s owned her heart as long as she can remember—even if he doesn’t know it—her childhood friend, Lucas. But when Roswell Station is attacked, long-buried secrets come to light, and Judith is forced to choose: continue to live in silence, or recover her voice, even if it means changing her world, and the lives around her, forever. This startlingly original novel will shock and disturb you; it will fill you with Judith’s passion and longing; and its mysteries will keep you feverishly turning the pages until the very last.

Disclaimer: I received this book from ARCycling.

This book is one of those books that could definitely have benefited from better publicity and less hype. A lot of fellow bloggers enjoyed this book but I did not.The writing was strange.It wasn’t in verse format though that’s what I thought it was for a long time. I’m not even sure that this particular prose has a specific name to it and if it does, could someone tell me?

This book was publicized as a YA Mystery which I was really excited about as I absolutely love YA Mysteries. Unfortunately this turned out to be much more of a historical YA book which really disappointed me.I don’t like most historical fiction so I was really bored during most of this book. 

I was hoping that Judith would be an intriguing character and that I would want to find out more about her, but that just didn’t happen.I didn’t find any of the characters compelling, though I did love that there were horses in it. Though now that I think about it, most historical fiction books do include horses.

Sometimes when a book is different, it’s good different, but not this one. I didn’t enjoy this one at all and I kept hoping that it would end soon and put me out of my misery.I think if it had been written in straightforward prose, the book could have been a lot better. The book was promising and I was so excited for it.However it fell flat for me and that is why, for many reasons, I have to give it 1 star.

Stacking The Shelves #13

Hello again everyone. This week was a very slow week thank goodness. I am still trying to get caught up on my reads but it’s proving harder than I expected. I have a cold now and for anyone else,it wouldn’t be a big deal but as I’ve got some health issues,it could be very dangerous for the cold to turn into anything else. So I am resting a lot and taking it easy. Now onto the fun stuff. I got one book from Netgalley this week and I won a book from ARCycling.

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Received for Review
Infinityglass by Myra McEntire


All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry (Thanks ARCycling)