Review: Say When (Something More #1) by Tara West

Author: Tara West
Published Date: July 10th,2013
Published by: Shifting Sands Publishing
Series: Book 1
Genre: Romance
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Synopsis: Christina Duval has just ended her engagement to the affluent but otherwise tedious,rude & abrasive Jackson much to her mother’s disgust. Her mother still attempts to control her life and up until now Christina has allowed it.Christina’s disgusting & pervy father is dead thankfully, It takes meeting a sexy stranger for things to turn on their head.
Andres is unlike anyone Christina has ever known.He intrigues her from the beginning.She wants so desperately to trust what he says to her but after her experience with men,she’s tentative.Christina knows that she must trust Andres with more than just her body. She must trust him with her heart.
Disclaimer: I got this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Review: When we first meet Christina, she is a a doormat. She allows everyone around her to control her life. From her mother to Jackson. She has no say in her own life.That really drove me bananas as I really don’t have patience for those who don’t stand up for themselves. She has two friends, Grace and Karri. I still don’t understand why she is friends with Karri except that she feels terrible for Karri’s son Ty and for Karri’s sweet natured mother because Karri just won’t give up the drugs. Grace is a great friend and I enjoyed watching the threads of friendship be woven into the story.
Watching Christina become more assertive was so awesome to see. Reading about her standing up to her mother and telling her mother everything she had been so afraid to tell her made me so excited. I could see Christina’s self confidence rise and my enjoyment of her character grew as well.
Andres was everything that Christina wanted,needed and deserved in a man. He was sweet,gentle & supportive.All things that Christina didn’t have in her relationship with Jackson.As my friend Molli would say,he was swoon-worthy.
Normally I cringe at the insta-love and the insta-sex but this just WORKED. Christina needed a guy that was completely different from her father and ex fiancee and Andres gave her that.The sex scenes were extremely hot.It’s been awhile since I read something that had the kind of chemistry that Andres and Christina had.Andres gave Christina the courage to assert herself which I loved.
This book gets a 4 star review from me. Mostly because it chronicled Christina’s emotional growth which I enjoyed. It’s not getting the full 5 stars mainly because I feel it was too short and while it was a good read, I wanted more of it. I am so excited to see where the story goes and I wish it was 2014 already so I could get my hands on the next book.