My Bucket List- Inspired by Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

A couple of weeks ago, Julie Murphy sent out a tweet asking if any bloggers would be interested in helping her with her launch of Side Effects May Vary. She wanted to turn the tables on us and so she asked us to compile out own bucket lists. This was an excellent opportunity for me to stop procrastinating and actually do one like I had planned years ago.

My Bucket List
-Fall in love. I have never been one to be in and out of relationships constantly. In fact I have only ever had 1 serious relationship and I have never seriously dated anyone else. Falling in love is terrifying and it’s absolutely something I want to experience in my lifetime. A life without love, is no life at all.People talk about men being the committment-phobes, but in my case it’s me. I’m the one terrified to commit. 
-Get Married at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria that is in my hometown. I went to a wedding reception there about 9 years ago and it was absolutely beautiful. Ever since then, I have known that’s where I want to be married.

-Go skydiving. I am totally a adrenaline junkie so of course this one is going to be on my bucket list. I hope to be able to do this someday. I think it would be an amazing experience.
-Go to Hawaii. Hawaii has always been on my list of places to visit and it’s looking like I’ll get to cross this one off my list in about a year. We are planning a trip after my brother graduates from 8th grade.So excited about that.

-Buy a home, particularly in the area I live now. It has to be brick & have hardwood floors as well as a pool. Everything else, I am pretty lax about.

-Become a published author. I am working on 3 separate writing projects (1 NA Contemporary, 1 YA Contemporary & 1 YA Thriller) I am hoping to have at least one of them published by the end of 2014.
And lastly, I want to get a tattoo. Nothing big or gaudy as that is not me at all. I have had a design set in my mind for over a year and I still love it. My uncle told me that it reminds him of zany director Tim Burton, who I absolutely love, so I thought that was really cool.
So those 7 items are my bucket list. No it’s not extensive but it’s comprised of all the things I want to experience most in the world.
So let’s learn a bit more about the author of Side Effects May Vary.
Julie lives in North Texas with her husband who loves her, her dog who adores her, and her cat who tolerates her. When she’s not writing or trying to catch stray cats, she works at an academic library. Side Effects May Vary is Julie’s debut novel. Julie can best be found on her website (, tumblr (, or twitter (


One thought on “My Bucket List- Inspired by Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

  1. Oh my gosh. The Tsakopoulos Library Galleria is GORGEOUS. For me, I've always loved St. Patrick's Cathedral and would totally want to get married there, but I'm not too keen on it being in NYC so who knows. 😉

    I have a fear of heights so skydiving freaks me out, but at the same time, I feel like it could be a great way to get rid of that fear.

    I wish you the best of luck on getting published! Great list!


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