Unpopular Opinions Tag

Hi guys! 
My awesome friend Bekka tagged me in this weeks ago and up until this week I had totally forgotten about this. This tag is definitely up my alley and I cannot wait to share my opinions with you guys (even if they are unpopular)

A popular book or series that you didn’t like
I know, and I’m so sorry guys, but I just couldn’t get into it no matter how many times I tried to.
A book or series that everyone seems to hate, but you love
I absolutely loved Fault Line. Yes it was difficult to read, but it was such an important book. I cannot understand how the rating is so low on Goodreads.

A love triangle that didn’t end the way you wanted it to
Actually I don’t think there was any. I’m usually really lucky with my ships and they usually end the way I want them to.
A book genre that you hardly reach for
Paranormal romance. It just doesn’t appeal to me. 
A popular or beloved character that you do not like
My first thought is to pick Aspen from the Selection series, but I don’t think he’s all the popular. So I think I’m going to have to go with Edward from the Twilight series. Yikes, he is creepy, possessive and just an all around dick-weasel. I don’t understand what Bella saw in him.
Maybe I’ll pick both Aspen & Edward? I hated them both for different reasons.

A popular author that you just can‘t seem to enjoy
I know I’m going to get chased with pitchforks when I say this, but Sarah Dessen. I’ve tried about half of her books and they just don’t speak to me the way they speak to other people. I’ve heard Saint Anything is different, so I might give that one a shot.
Lauren Oliver, Sarah Ockler are two other authors who are wildly popular, but whose books I haven’t enjoyed much at all.
A popular trope that you are tired of seeing
Cheating. Yes I know people do cheat, but I really wish relationships would end in other ways. There are other ways to end relationships without cheating. Authors need to think outside the box a little bit.

A popular series that you have no interest in reading
I tried reading The Winner’s Curse, but I just couldn’t do it. Too many things pissed me off. So I decided not to continue the series.
A movie or TV show that was better than the book
Come on, everyone knows what I’m going to say. The 100, of course!
I’m not tagging anyone in particular, but if you choose to do it, let me know.

8 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Tag

  1. I'm totally in the same boat when it comes to Sarah Dessen and Lauren Oliver. But I love The Winner's Curse, so I'm sad you didn't like it.


  2. Yup, I just can't get into Lauren Oliver either. Her books just BORE me. I don't understand how she can take a concept that sounds exciting and make it the most boring thing in the world.

    I don't blame you about The Winner's Curse. It took a lot for me to get past some of my misgivings with it and I still don't 100% love it which I why I haven't read book 2 yet.


  3. Lauren Oliver's books are so popular and it makes me wonder what the hell am I missing?

    I was so bummed not to enjoy The Winner's Curse. I do remember that you had issues with it though.


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