My Latest Music Obsession

By now, you all should know that music is one of my loves. I love all different types of music. Pretty much the only genre I won’t listen to is rap. I hate, HATE rap.

Recently, I fell in love with Halsey. So many of my blogging buddies were listening to Halsey, so I wanted to give her a shot.

And I LOVE her. Oh my god. If I could marry her, I would. I’ve been listening to her entire Badlands album nearly constantly. I don’t even think I could pick a favorite song.


It’s a tossup between Ghost and Is There Somewhere. Or Castle, or Gasoline…

Oh hell, I love the entire fucking album.

It takes a really special artist for me to love the entire album. So way to go Halsey.

My fourteen year old brother and I normally never see eye to eye on music, but even HE loves Halsey. So awesome.

So if you haven’t heard of Halsey, you need to look into her and listen to her music. I swear after one song you’ll be hooked!

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