Big Bang Theory Book Tag


Hi guys!

I saw this book tag on a couple of bloggers blogs, so I traced it back to it’s original creator. The original creator was Terri of Reading by Starlight.

I love The Big Bang Theory and have been an avid watcher for the last several seasons. So when I found out that there was a book tag for this awesome show, I knew I had to do it. I’ll be keeping this list to books I’ve read this year.

1. The Fish Night Light – a book that may have been rocking its crazy but was still kind of brilliant.
I couldn’t decide between these two books. They were both utterly fantabulous and seriously working the crazy, but in the BEST possible way.

2. The Hawking – the author that would be like your equivalent of Physics Genius meets Stephen Hawking.
This one is tough because there are so many authors that I’d consider to be absolute GENIUSES. And there are different geniuses depending on which genre they write in. Okay maybe I’m overthinking this one a bit. My current pick for this one would be Stephanie Kuehn because she is a damn genius.

3. The Euclid Avenue – the book so full of bumps and (plot) holes that it proved annoying to read.
I was so completely annoyed by this book. The characters all drove me insane.

4. The Spock Napkin – the book for which you had low or moderate expectations, and then it was so beyond awesome that you wanted to hug it and love it and shout about it forever.
Both of these authors had books that had underwhelmed me in the past, so I was nervous to read their recent releases. Thankfully, I was blown away by both of these books.

5. The Awkward Fanboy – the book that seems to follow you around the blogosphere, and you know you don’t want to read it but it won’t leave you alone.
VAI have literally no desire to read this series. Yet it follows me around the blogosphere.

6. The Classified Materials – the book with a spoiler so huge, when anyone asks, you just can’t even say because the spoiler is such a big part of it.
Yes, god I wanted to talk about this book so much, but I really can’t because of the giant ass spoiler.

7. The Jiminy – the book that gets mistaken most often for the wrong genre, and you’re constantly arguing for why it’s this other genre/subgenre.
Actually, I’m the one that kept mis-genre-ing this one. I kept thinking it was historical fiction, but it’s not.

8. The Adhesive Duck – the book that was all cute and cuddly and then WHAM YOUR FEELS AND OW AND YOUR HEART AND WHAT JUST HAPPENED.
Yesss, forever these two. I loved them both and was not ready for the onslaught of feels that came my way with these.

9. The Zazzy – the book that’s got so much personality that it’s just ZAZZY and there’s no other word for it.
I loved this book. It was full of personality, girl power and badass girls.

10. The Hot Troll – the book you thought would be beautiful and fabulous and then it turned out to be horrible and gross.
I was expecting to be blown away with this book but it was horrible and such an epic disappointment

11. The Zarnecki – the book with an antagonist so evil/mean/disgusting that you’d drive many hours just to knee him/her in the … well you get it.
Yes, the antagonist in this book is a sick person. All I wanted to do was kick him in the crotch.

12. The Train Tour – the book with the development/ending/sunken ship/whatever that proved so upsetting, you contemplated running away forever so you didn’t have to deal with your feels.
The end of this book destroyed the ever loving hell out of my feels. I never wanted to feel those feels again.

If you are a fan of Big Bang Theory, go ahead and do this tag.

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