Week 2: NaNoWriMo 2015

Hi guys!

So it’s the end of Week Two of NaNoWriMo and while I’d love to say that I killed it this week like Bekka did (look at her post here) I didn’t. I lapsed into a bit of a funk with the writing and then, I think it was Tuesday of this past week that I started having severe wrist pain that was keeping me up at night. So I called the family doctor who also happens to be a family friend and he told me I needed to stop writing until I could go 24 hours without pain meds.

Carpal tunnel has been an issue for me over the past few years and since I use a wheelchair fairly frequently, I need for my hands to be in good shape.

I did make it to 20K in week one, so hopefully, I can start writing again next week after giving my wrist a week off.

If you’re doing NaNo, how are you doing?

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