Disney Love- Day 9


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There is no better movie than The Lion King for me: Disney or otherwise. It’s one of those movies that pulls together so many memories and feelings of different people and times in my life. I’m surprised people actually don’t mind watching the movie with me, because I’m sitting there quoting all of the lines as the characters say them. This movie was actually the first one I ever saw in theaters, so it holds a special place in my heart. My best friend is equally obsessed, so her and I have a tendency of watching it a little too often. (We once stayed up until 5:00am to make bacon and watch The Lion King – a night that we constantly reminisce about!) Watching and talking about this movie makes me think of so many different things in my life. I’d never be able to pick a favorite character or moment, because the whole thing is just a masterpiece to me.

Today I’ll be sharing with you the five main reasons The Lion King is perfect, and if you FOR SOME REASON haven’t seen it – I don’t even want to think of that possibility – go do it!

Honestly, my favorite part of The Lion King is the way the way they animated the scenery. I know it’s not really cinematography if they didn’t film live action, but it feels so real. I mean, honestly, look at that. My friend is currently working on a tattoo sleeve with only imagery from The Lion King, and it’s pretty awesome. The colors mixing together, the little feathers flying in the wind… I just can’t deal with how pretty it is.

With Disney movies, there are definitely some jokes that go WAY over your head when you’re a kid… but make you laugh your head off as an adult. The Lion King is obviously no different! There are so many things (especially said by Timon and Pumbaa) that are so hilarious and sometimes inappropriate for small children. Humor is always subtle in Disney movies, but I think the presence of Timon and Pumbaa really add another layer to the story.

Um, do I have to explain this one? Looking at this gif alone makes me tear up. This scene completely kills me every time. There are actually a lot of instances in this movie that get me emotional. Simba spends his whole life away from his home and is faced with coming back to all of the people (er, animals) he left behind. It’s not easy to face anything like that, let alone as the heir to a throne you didn’t even want in the first place. Simba’s struggles mirror plenty of normal life experiences, even though he’s an animal. You have to face your past at some point, realize that things change, let go of your worries, and take responsibility for what you have to. Countless life lessons!

Okay, honestly, how can you not love the music in the movie? Between “The Circle of Life” and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” and “Hakuna Matata,” you really can’t go wrong. I’m definitely the kind of person who gets annoyed by too much singing in Disney movies, but this movie can do no wrong. All of these songs are so wonderfully tied in to the movie and catchy.

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it or learn from it.” This is not only one of my favorite quotes from this movie, but probably from anything. Like I said above, there are countless life lessons in this movie (usually from Rafiki!). One of the more obvious messages from this movie is Hakuna Matata – no worries. I tend to be a worrywart about everything, so this one particularly resonates with me. No matter what happens in life, worrying doesn’t get you anywhere.

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